Writings,Stories and a Scam

These are some of my works I have done and made into E:books on Amazon.com #Amazon As I keep writing and try to sell them for .99 cents a piece I wonder what I am doing wrong exactly. I write a lot, I enjoy it myself, but maybe my covers are bad, or my writing sucks. Not sure either way, because no one leave comments or reviews and people are  tight with their .99 cents  . As I carry on trying to pay and provide for my wife who is terminal from breast cancer turned to bone cancer. sadly her condition slowly deteriorates and we keep plugging along as she goes on to her third chemical cocktail to survive. Ah well, I try is all I can say.

On one other note for all, on the 13th, three days ago, I was contacted by someone on Instagram who was portraying themselves as Jeff Bezosos the Owner and CEO of Amazon, saying he was giving away money and prizes once a week. Of course I did not believe the individual and save his conversations with me. Then I sent them to Amazon for them to review. Today their Attorney called me for info on that conversation and I turned it all over to them, by way of e-mail. I hope no one else gets scammed by these people. Be careful fellow bloggers and writers, it can be scary out there.

That said and done, I hope some will try the above lil books I wrote all are short stories I do. God Bless for Today and Tomorrow is another one folks.


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