Writing the Meaning and Why

OK, writing is a process of putting emotions into thoughts and then editing it all so others can read and understand what you wrote! Once you get what you thinking on the paper or in the computer and edit it, then you have to go through the next process, read and reread to make sure, what you wrote will be interesting enough for someone else.

It’s almost like being a mind reader, because who really knows what will keep a persons interest/ We try to write and create characters, and scenes, and plot people can follow and enjoy, or hate, or that are controversial, but do we really know the minds of our readers? I doubt it, I think that no matter what we write, some shall read it first to see what it says, others may read it because they know you, others yet may read it, because the topic or story line, gets them. Do we really know, not just by reviews or comments, but when we are writing, if we are hitting a targeted audience or not? Again, unless your already a re-known Author/Writer,  you have no idea what subject people will love or won’t love.

 Personally I have written over 6 short stories and published most on Amazon’s Kindle E-Books, yet very few do people read or comment on or even complain about, they sit and collect dust, as I continually look for subjects and writing styles that will appeal top the readers. Seems I still haven’t hit my groove in writing and may never, but I still do it, why no Idea !I think it may all to do, with the stories I accumulate in my head and how, I translate them to paper or computer text. Ah well that is all for today. Maybe tomorrow I will explore other areas.



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