Trump’s Problem

         Donald J. Trump has won The Presidency of The United States of America and we all know it

          The problem is simple now,he has done so with the help of The Russians. I agree with John Lewis, this man is about to become the first illegitimate President of the United States, and should be Impeached over that fact period. The Russians it is said, were in contact with Trump’s campaign, and worked to stop Hillary Clinton from winning, which is illegal in American Politics.

           I do understand, some will say,I am wrong for saying this, and Mr. Lewis for what he said also, I disagree. No, President, in American History has ever used a Foreign Power/ Nation to win an election and it should be invalidated in my opinion. Sadly, it won’t be, because Congress is now run, by The Republican Party, under whose banner, he ran and won.

             I shall state here, for all to read, the above is my opinion, which I have a right to state under my Constitutional Rights as an American Citizen and my Freedom of Speech. And you may disagree with it, you may comment on it, and you may agree with it also, but it is my right to say it and even write it on my own blog.



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