To President Elect Trump

               As America and the World holds it breath, Trump is getting ready to be sworn in as the President of the United States of America. As it gets closer there are many Americans, worried about many issues involving his taking the Office as well as taking the Oath. Few will say it, but, America is now coming around to it, in their own way, which is why his approval rating has dropped to 38 %.

               His views are bad for Americans and the world in so many ways and he is blind to the fact that they are. There is no way to tell Trump hey, we don’t need a wall between us and Mexico and that isolation for any country is bad, for relations and commence and so much more. Yet he continues to say we will build a wall, sadly, if he does, he will soon realize he has made Mexico one of our enemies on our own land. We have been a Country America for 214 years or more now, and all of a sudden we need a wall, against our southern neighbor, wake Mr. Trump, it’s not needed.

             Next, the killing of Planned Parenthood is wrong too. So many women need help with children, and medical expenses and abortions, and where will they go to get it if you kill Planned Parenthood? Sadly, you and your republicans don’t care do you? So millions of women in America and their children will suffer, because you think it is wrong to help them? That is bullshit, leave it alone!

               If you kill Obama Care/ American Care Act, without having a full replacement to cover the 21 million on it, you are gonna cost the american taxpayer trillions, are you crazy? You best have a full and ready to go health care package ready to replace ACA, if not you will throw so many people into a mess and cost all of us in taxes and more. Each time a person without Medical Insurance goes into a Emergency Room at a Hospital and gets treated without it, it;s is us, the taxpayers who must foot the damn bill! Wake the hell up!

               Stop the twitter rants and pointing of fingers at the News Media too. CNN, did nothing to you and your attacks make you sound childish, idiotic and foolish not only to Americans but to all nations in the world. No President or Leader of any other country argues and attacks the media, they ignore them when they are foolish or wrong. The childish act of tweeting on Twitter for a President and Leader of a Nation is just wrong and you know it.

                 Now onto the more important subject of the nominations you have made to be in your cabinet. Senator Sessions is indeed, too discriminating and prejudiced to be Attorney General, not only do I know it as a citizen but so does the Senate and The House, so I hope you get a new nominee or at least have one in mind when he gets refused.The same is going to happen, more than likely with Rex Tillerson, he doesn’t have the knowledge, experience or ability to hold the position of secretary of State, be realistic, this is a position that is not making oil deals, it’s handling relationship between the biggest and smallest and all in between size nations in the world.This man may be a negotiator, but he is no diplomat. Wake up and get someone who is!

                  Last thing, Mr. President Elect Trump, stop the childish fights with news organizations, leave the damn internet bullshit alone, and move on and get ready to run the nation. I did not Vote for you, and my reasons are very simple, you show them each time you get on twitter, or you attack news organizations. Each time you lose your temper and go off on someone, the way you talk about women as they are belongings not people, the rights you want to tear down and the walls of isolation you wish to build.

                    You promised jobs to all Americans across this land and honestly, I doubt you can do it. Are you going to motivate companies to build factories here? Are you gonna innovate and motivate them? What Incentives will you give them and what tax breaks? and how are you going to get States to work with you in this area, on tax breaks for companies? Each stat has it’s own taxes it applies to companies working in them. Like Connecticut who had the highest tax rates around, minus maybe one other,  they have taxed their manufacturing companies right out of existence. Can you get them to lower those taxes, nope, because the cost of running the state and taking care of it’s infrastructure keeps rising too. So don’t tell me about how you will bring jobs to America, I am like Missourians now Show Me Damn IT!


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