Ms. Amazing’s Battle

This book tells the struggles of real life husband and wife as they face Miss amazing’s battle with love and strength and open-mindedness. It is a strong story of how one woman can be everything for her family. An intelligent and fiercely independent woman that has been battling for a long time and is not yet willing to give up that fight.
Sweet devotion from her husband is obvious in this book. It made me proud for them that they found such a love and devotion to one another. It is not all sweetness and light, there are hard fights before the main battle even begins. It is worth reading and I wrote this review with my heart sad but filled with the love these two have for each other.

                                                             5.0 out of 5 starsWhat a treasure!

By Vicki Goodwin on January 8, 2017

Try This one and see if your eyes don’t tear up!


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