New Years Eve Day and Thoughts

         We are headed to 2017 folks, and so many famous people have died in 2016, the list seems huge this time round. Voices in music, writing, news and politics, all silenced in 2016, because their time was up, said Mother Nature and the only one who, who messes with Mother Nature is Father Time and he stops for no one. So the world and humanity will forge ahead into 2017, no matter what, and mankind will have to clean up it’s act, or kill itself off on this planet with a century. We are killing off the animals to eat, eating the plants at a rate beyond compare, and pollute the oceans, lakes and water sources, faster tan the earth can produce them. Is mankind, who has figured how to go to the moon and maybe Mars next, figure out how to save the blue marble in space called it’s planet, Earth? It’s a thought all humanity should be thinking over and solving, and all the stupid spying, bickering and in fighting between nations should stop, and join together, to survive.

              Next Subject: I have continued my writing at least for now, my latest I turned into a small book through Amazons Kindle Books and E-books too. Now I know, I am not the worlds best writer, so I try to write simple stories, and edit them,then try to sell them. The Last one I did now is on Amazon’s Kindle e-books and in Paperback in the same place: Paper Back Link is here- 4.00 dollars a copy.

E-Book Link–

If you choose to read it, Please feel free to leave me a comment, or recommendation, on what you think!

    Thanks for Readings this !







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