The facts coming soon, in 2017

             We now have 2 days left to 2016, which many are saying was one of the worst years in american history, due to famous deaths, the economy, wars in the world, and lack of jobs in the USA.  medical advances have slowed down and so has the research requirement to beat deadly diseases.

               Americans have elected a president who is a billionaire to run the country with his billionaire and millionaire buddies and friends.Will they work to enrich the country and improve it, or will be a four year term of enriching and helping themselves get richer? You tell me people for what I see, is just not right so far.

           When I was younger my step-father used to tell me, politicians are sneaky bastards who will do what they want once in office. Well, president elect trump is already, threatening our Social security and Medicare benefits we all need and the Republicans want to kill Obama Care one day one of the Administration. The sad part is this if they do all three of the things above at once we will have a poor population at the soup kitchen of over 30 million people easy, begging for meals, medication and places to live. Trump is one of those guys my mother, who was french Canadian would say, speaks out the side of his mouth to distract you and, does different shit while he does, to destroy you! While Donald J. Trump is gearing up to take office, I want all who voted for him, including all, 270 electors or a little better to realize whatever happens and whatever he screws up, is on you for voting him in!

           Final say for today folks: I have been writing little books and stories and poems now for a while, I have done 63 now including my latest little mystery book, I hope you all will take a look at it, read it either in paperback or e-book form and leave comments and reviews.

       Here is the link and I thank all who read this blog and may read some of my works:

E-Book Link-

Paperback Link:

Give it a shot folks, and let me know what ya think ok!


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