Famous deaths and Black Sheep Thoughts

        2016, has taken many famous people from us and I am sure a few more will also die before January 1, 2017. We the Children of the Baby Boom, are coming up in age and advancing toward our endings and we all know it. The latest to go, Carrie Fisher, who died before her own mother Debbie Reynolds, sadly, proves the point. Slowly all will die eventually of course for no one lives forever, although I praise and admire the ones who made 100 years old or older, I have seen.

           I am 60, like Carrie Fisher was, I lived a rough life in many ways, I had a mother who hated me and tried to give me away, a step-father who beat me in so many ways, I wouldn’t o anywhere with him anymore, sadly that is how it was. My siblings are almost as messed up as me, I am the black sheep of the family and always was.

           My Elder Brother, is in his own world, lost and worried about dying alone, he has been through two divorces and lost a son. He is what I call the introverted one, quiet, low spoken and hides inside himself how he really feels.

            Me, I am the extrovert, the one people think as funny, or sentimental and foolish. I lived on the edge all the time running away from violence, beatings and screaming. I dropped out of High School and went in the Military after getting a GED. I ended up serving my country for a total of sixteen years, in The Army, Army national Guard and The The U.S. Navy. I had two daughters in my first marriage, divorced, went back to school, graduated college at 40 years old. married again and still am today, 16 years later.

         My next brother under me, died at thirty years old from Aids brought on by drug usage.  he changed his name and left home at a young age, because his father beat him silly. He is buried now in California.

         My sister God Bless her was never beaten by either parent, but she was spoiled by her father, protected by her brothers, and always argued and fought with her mother. She has become a beauty and a princess in a way, has three children from two marriages and is an enterpenaur in her own right. God Bless Her for all of that.

            The baby of the family, is a boy, who is artistically talented big time and a character in his own right. he is also, paranoid, in many ways, and has now been married at least twice without kids, as far as I know these days. Thank God we the four are still alive, but, we really don’t know one another over all and we struggle to even speak in the same room.  Which of us will go first, is beyond me, but, as the year comes to an end, and these celebrities we have come to know start to die off, I wonder which of us is next, and basically, I believe it could be me. Yet I carry on and will as long as I can. For Black Sheeps don’t die young we fight on!


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