Christmas Eve Wishes to ALL 2016

        It is Christmas Eve 2016, Another year is going by slowly and many will be exchanging gifts and laughter and joy starting tonight thru tomorrow. For those doing so, I wish each and everyone, a Very Merry Christmas and that you all get what you want, material wise!

             I remind all tho what the Holiday is about for many world wide without money, or someone to exchange gifts and party with. It is about a Savior, who died on a cross for all of us and to wipe out our Sins and take them with him. It is about the joy of giving not receiving, even thou we expect a two way street on this one. It is not all about getting material things in exchange for giving them, it is about emotionally giving, morally exchanging and comforting each other through all pain and suffering too.

                   So, here is what I think we should all do on Christmas Eve through Christmas Day and into the New Year. We should all be warmer to one another, treat each other like a sister or brother, listen to each others prayers and needs and then as best we can try to heed. Listen to the pain of others, who have lost sisters, brothers, fathers and mothers, help them bear their pain. For only the love we give will always remain.

             So let me say this on this Christmas Eve, of 2016, and to all who grieve, remember the loved ones that you lost, and remember those left behind too. But stay prepared for tomorrow and let life, and love and honesty and truth, carry you through!

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from me to You!


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