Is America’s Decline Beginning ?

        America is slowly fading in the midst, our way of life can not resist the pressures and stresses placed upon us. There have been countless kingdoms and more on the planet earth, Ancient Civilizations that have faded from existence and died off will we be one too?

               The Incas, The Aztecs, The American Indians, The Romans too, all had powerful nations with many resources, and all have died away. Why, because they got too big for their britches, or, they got too drunk in their power and believed no one could equal them. By doing so, they defeated themselves and that is sad in the world’s history these days.

             The American Public and Democracy, must thrive to survive, but as it does it must grow and bring others along with it, spreading it’s ways and thoughts to the world or die off in isolation. Borders are fine for all nations and this includes American it is also a fact that countries that expand too far also die off, for you can’t make everyone happy and content under a system you believe if they don’t

              As we move forward into 2017, and leave behind the Obama Era and his Presidency, we must face the reality or the Trump era beginning, and what it may bring. What we are about to enter is a  throw back era to 20 to 30 years ago without the same economy or social environment to help us. So we must settle for what we have and realize Trump will disassemble a lot of it, and try to install his beliefs and ways on the American Public. I must remind the Trump people and the President Elect, this is not the old days of the 1950s and 1960s, Please don’y try to redo what was done back then it won’t fly in the world economy we are in today.

            Also, Mr. President elect, I would recommend and ask you to not reduce Social Security the Elder American People depend on, nor should you touch Medicare or Medicaid. You wish to replace Obama Care because it doesn’t work and is costing too much, but I tell you Mr. trump before you do, you better have a replacement program with better coverage and affordable in hand and implemented before you do, or the American tax payer and the middle class and below will be without. Wake Up Please!

               While I am writing this I have a few minor issues too for you Mr. President Elect Trump, 1) Get a damn haircut and look Presidential. 2) Stop tweeting like a child playing with a new toy, and start working on plans for the country. Your not a sixteen to 30 year old get off Twitter! You now have the greatest podium in the world from which to speak from, use it properly, don’t humiliate and embarrass your people and your country on the World stage. 3) All your billionaire appointments will not pass muster with Congress for one reason or another be prepared to face an uphill battle here. Get back-ups ready, who can fill the positions and actually do the jobs.

              In closing i did not vote for you to be President of The United States of America, nor do I believe at any point, manner, or way are your really Qualified to be President. A Bushiness Degree from Wharton College is not good enough to run a country in my mind and heart. In my opinion you have one hell of a hill to climb to reach the level of  president, and you should know that before you walk into the Oval Office.

                   I can’t change the Election results neither can anyone who voted for Hillary Clinton like i did. But I can say this to the Electors who should have changed it, ya all gutless wonders in my opinion and should have changed it for the People you serve. As the 270 electors who went ahead and voted Trump through I say this to you, you are now fully responsible for whatever this childish acting individual does as President of the United States, you bear the blame for whatever stupid things he will do. so I hope you, can bear the pain and suffering and disrespect he will bring to our country and people, on your souls not mine.




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