Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !!

         OK, folks it is Christmas of 2016, and I want to say just a few things. First and foremost to all who read this, thank you for doing so. Second, Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year ! may your Holiday season be filled with Joy, and your children have laughter, every little girl and boy. May Peace .be at your home and in your heart, and may the New Year bring a fabulous start. May the memories of the lost ones you have lost, bring a smile to your face and not a tear to your eyes. May you wake up happy and content with any surprise.

          May any demons that follow you get lost, along the road, and may life let you grow happy and old. May the Season bring you love, happiness and content, just in case you didn’t understand what I meant !

              All I want for the Holidays is what you all shall hear right here ! I want my wife healthy and with me, as we fight her cancer and she survives. I want my daughters to be at Peace and happy with their partners they love and the grand kids to laugh and know they are loved. I also want to remember those who have died, who look down on us all with happiness and pride. I pray all will know the love they deserve, as the new year starts, and we all do our parts.

              Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and Happy Holidays to all That Care.


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