My Thought on whats Coming!

   Around the world, enemies of the United States, are wringing their hands in happiness and joy, awaiting January 20th, 2017, when Donald trump takes over as the American President. They all await his ineptness and stupidity, and the right to laugh at him.  It is coming folks, business college does not prepare you to be President of The United States. Americans made a big mistake when they elected this man and we all will pay for it I am sure.

       He has no experience in dealing with Politics what so ever or in dealing with World Leaders of any kind. He is about to be bam-bozzled by Putin and many others will follow that example and get over on him. Mark my words, we are in for the four worst years in American History coming up, this is a man who wants to use nukes and can’t understand why we won’t, what did that old show say : Danger, danger, Will Robinson Danger! Well welcome to it America, you choose him!. Sadly we shall watch us fall in world stature and position and economy under this man. Our education standards are already low, they will drop more. The only thing Trump will do is listen to his billionare friends and make more money for the rich and screw the american middle class and lower, mark my words folks it’s coming, if you have a mortgage pay it off, if you have bills pay them off or get screwed, it’s coming.


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