OH Lord !

            I used to dream of simple things, like having a family and being a king. I used to dream of simpler things, like a wife and kids and a white picket fence, a rocking chair for her and I and a life and happiness that would not die. But you see those dreams did come true, they just didn’t last for me. Today my dream is simple again, it’s to care for my cancer riddled wife and to be a hopeful and helpful man. each day to feed her, take care of her you see, and never to worry about me.Are my dreams too much Oh Lord, that, I can’t have them these days?  Or is this just another twist and turn, you throw at me , in the final phase? I be 60 now Lord and I have run my days, my back hurts bad and my breathing is slow, but through all my aches and all pains, I just want to stay with my wife to her dying end, for she has helped me and we did all we did, together dear Lord, is it too hard a request, to stay with the person I love the best? It is so hard Lord to watch one, you love, slowly waste away, headed to you up above! What shall I do once she be gone, and how will I ever really hold on, she is all to me and I to she, Tell me OH Lord, what shall be?



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