Happy Holidays to ALL !!!

         December 16th, 2016, Christmas is now 13 days away, I am not buying gifts for anyone this year due to my wife’s cancer condition and the fact we may need the funds for her to be hospitalized in the near future.  We shall see, where we go from here, as to her health and condition pretty soon. At this point she was on Affinator a medicine that was supposed to stop the advancement of her cancer in her bones, but, she had an adverse side effect from it so she stopped it and is now on medication to clear it up. In the meantime she is basically not taking anything that can stop the advancement of her cancer. Sadly, we have to wait for the side effects to leave her body before any cancer treatments can be applied once more.

            After one set of drugs failing to stop the cancer from advancing and now the second having side effects like this, it means we must go to a third way to attempt to keep her cancer from spreading and advancing in her bones and body. What has not been determined as of yet, but, I am thinking it may be the last shot chance of straight chemo treatments.She has had chemo treatments in the past, IV Style and hated it then and would now too. I hated to sit and watch them put it in her, knowing it was also slowly killing her, as well as tryingto fight the cancer. It saps a persons, strength from them, and makes them weaker as it goes along and your body either uses the chemo drugs to stop the cancer for a bit and keep the person living or it fails to do a damn thing and weakens the body, period. Seen it, we have been there and it will not be a decision I shall make for my wife, she is brilliant in her own right and will decide if she will take it or not. In the meantime all I can do is support her fully, and do all I can to keep her comfy and feed her.

           As 2016, slowly rolls toward Christmas and the New Year is a coming along too,all I can do is hope and pray that each day she wakes up and stays with me as long as possible. Each day is a battle not to cry as I watch her and wait, and see the woman I love so dearly slowly start to slip away from me. Yet I also know no matter what, I will never leave her side, until she leaves mine.

         Anyway, Christmas is a coming fast, she wanted a real wreath made out of pine branches that smelled like pine and a swag for our door for the Season, I got both yesterday. IT;s 24 inches round and is hanging over the mantle on the fireplace now, Bug red Bow on top and big rad cranberries on white leafs on it. The sway for the front door is all pine too, and has pibe cones on it. She says the green pine and the smell makes her happy and she enjoys it a lot. I am glad! Next I need to find two pin lights that show like search lights in the wreath in white light. She wants it highlighted, lol! In The meantime as we all prepare for the Holidays we want to wish all a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year–

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