Cancer the Fight Continues, keep Fighting!

        Recently I have seen another person die from Cancer at a young age, yep 60 years old, same age as I, and the first girl I ever kissed. Her family waked her on Saturday and I did not go, for more than one reason, the first is, I have a wife with cancer, and we are fighting it. second she had family members who didn’t like me and accused me of stalking her and her sisters, false charge actually, but who cares anymore that was 30 years ago. Anyway, they waked the lady and I sent my Condolences over the Internet to the funeral home.

                 IN the meantime, my wife is facing her cancer bravely, but not smartly. She struggles through each day and struggles to eat or stand up, or anything else. She is supposed to be on a Drug called Affinator, which should stop the advance of her cancer for at least six months if it works. The Doctor gave her a dose too large for her size, and we called in and she reduced it. Yet my wife is not taking it now, she stopped, and won’t touch it because it causes stomach problems and she loses all taste to it and more for side effects. I battle with her to take her medication so she will be here longer, her answer is always the same, its my body, and I decide what I put in it. Is she surrendering, I am not sure, but I wish there was a way to convince her to take it. It worries me everyday, and I don’t know what to say or do.I don’t want to fight or argue with her, she is already stage 4, it has gone over 10 years from breast cancer to bone cancer, what can one say or do when the one your loved is dying and terminal?

          Now, I am not inexperienced at this cancer shit, I have lost, my grandfather on my mother’s side to it, My real father to it, my step-father to it, and my mother. The first girl I kissed, above died of it December 1st, 2016, and had it from age 18 to death. So, I have lived with it in my life in more ways than one, including my own lung cancer in 2013, when they took a lobe and one third of my right lung. Yet I am still here and fighting on. It’s one hell of a battle folks, no matter how you face it.Let me say this to all Cancer Victims/ Patients, don’t surrender ever, fight on so mankind can find a way to someday destroy this deadly disease, we need to give them a foundation, from what to fight from! Fight on Cancer Victims, you deserve to live longer too. Remember your attitude and fighting spirit will keep you alive longer, as long as you fight!



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