BEA / God Bless You!

      Her name was not important at the time I met her, what was important was her attitude and bubbly self consciousness and her smile. she was vivacious, intelligent, and one hell of a woman in more ways than many know. She lived her life her way, way back when I met her as a young teen in the 1970s. We connected in high school days, her smiling ways, her chasing me was funny at first, than it became too much for me and I didn’t know what to do. So I did what most boys of 15 years old would have done, i grew to know her, and talked to her and laughed and played with her. But, she was always herself, proud of who she was and how she lived, and for that I loved her. She was very special to many, who knew her, a friend, a lover, a caring person with a bright smile. she took in kids and adults with no home and helped them through. She had one hell of a way of loving and caring for you if you were on her good side, but cross her and you paid a price of being cast out and ignored. It was her way, she prayed daily which few who knew her knew. She suffered pain from her 18th year to her death physically, due to cancer she fought continually, yet she smiled thru it all and kept going. she raised two boys basically on her own with her families assistance now and then, she married twice, once to her boys father and once to another. In the end, she left both who couldn’t handle her, and moved on alone. she was brave, tough, loving, caring, warm and smart.  She fought to the end, until she was too tired and worn out to fight anymore, leaving behind a lifetime of memories and kindness. May God Bless her and care for her always. rest in peace, old friend, rest in peace, may all the pain and suffering you went thru in your life be gone. May God open his Pearly Gates, give you the Angel Wings you deserve so you may soar forever. Rest Bea, rest now and forever in Peace.

             Long Ago, when we were young, that night I walked you home in November was Special to me and to you too and we both knew it too.  My tribute to you Bea is the Poem I wrote of that evening on that hillside:

That Kiss

By: William M. McCurrach

I want to tell you a story you will believe,

It was a long time ago, and no one will grieve! Pause;

It was a rainy November night, the darkness fell, 

As we stood, there in fright

But the memory would burn for years on end,

That gentle kiss my female friend.

That kiss echoed through the years,

I remember giving it to you, to stop your tears.

When we broke, you smiled you see,

Said you had to go home from me.

That kiss lives on in my mind,

That kiss never died even in time.

Five Years passed by and I saw you again,

You invited me over to have tea like a friend,

As we laughed and reminisced, suddenly up came that kiss.

I never answered your question you see,

Because I knew you weren’t for me.

That kiss still lingers in your mind and yes indeed even in mine.

One gentle kiss that we both shared,

Yet never once did you or I say we cared.

But the kiss lingers on till the day we die,

And I shall never tell you why?

Yes That kiss lingers on and onnnnnnnnnnnnn, till we dieeeeeeeeeeeeee!



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