President Elect, Look, Learn,Lead

           New day, new subject, but by now becoming an old one. Donald John Trump. Look I know he won the Electoral Vote and will be the 45th President, we all know it, ok ! So can we just move on and suffer for the next four years and be done with it? Sadly, whats done is done, but he does need some advise for his term. 1)  Stop crying over the popular vote, who cares 2) Get a god damn haircut and stop being so vain, if ya gonna be President look and act like one. 3) Pick your damn Secretary of State and stop screwing people around. 4) release your damn taxes and stop hiding them, unless you are hiding something, then America will find out anyway and you will pay. 5) If you mess with or change Obama Care you better make sure those who are on it have coverage before you yank it out from them. 6) Take your wife and kid with you to the White House, we can’t afford to be paying a million bucks a day for her to live in Trump Tower, it’s a waste of the peoples money. 7) don’t mess with Social security or Medicare/ Medicaid, people depend on it to survive. 8) I suggest Mr. Trump that you do take care of our Veterans, increase the Disability Payments and make our medical care better, but no Sarah Palin for Veterans Affairs head, she sucks.

            In Closing Mr. Trump, you may have started your run for President, by attacking Mexicans, Blacks, Hispanics and so much more, but you better stop that shit soon. and stop pushing building a wall between us and Mexico, just the cement would cost us 53 billion dollars, never mind the rebar to hold it together, the digging of the trench and the men to dig it. Then you have to increase security men to patrol it border patrols, and talk to Mexico work with them not make enemies, and  additional costs, are you nuts? Wake the hell up, Mexico doesn’t want that wall, Americans really don’t either, increase the border patrols and communicate with the Mexicans, and lets make it work the way it’s always been. There has never been a massive wall between Mexico, and America and there has never been one between Canada and America either, so cut the bullshit. I know as an American veteran, Disabled and who served my country for 16 years, I don’t want or need any damn walls built, Build our economy, create jobs, innovate. Not cause division and hate. Manufacturing is what needs rebuilt Mr. Trump, saving Carrier was a penny in  the bucket, face it, 1,000 jobs taint shit, when there be millions more looking for work, not accountable on the unemployment rolls these days. So many have stopped looking these days the numbers are staggering.



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