December 2nd 2016, Explanation to Big Brother !

      Ladies and Gents, I don’t know how your family was growing up or if you had siblings or not, but I was the second of five children in the family I grew up in. Lately, I have been receiving messages from my elder sibling telling me I dislike him and don’t care for him at all and he is misunderstanding what I am saying, so I going to explain the problem here, for you, Keith.

       First off Keith, I really don’t know you even though you were born in December 1953 and I, January 1956. We were never close, think about it, even as babies there are very few pictures of us together.  By the time I was five the only contact we had was your being made to walk me to school each day, until I learned the route on my own, then poof you were gone, and I suffered through elementary school on my own. You didn’t come to my rescue then or help me then when I couldn’t fit in, you ran the other way and denied me as your brother.  You were embarrassed by me, and stayed with friends ignoring me. So don’t come blaming me for any estrangement between us, I don’t really know you.

               You chased me when mom wanted to put me away, with your friends, trying to catch me for her. I didn’t let you or them catch me then, but was retrieved by the police and put away for two years. why because you teased and ostracized me and ignored me and so did mom. By the time I returned from the Children’s Center, where were you? Did you invite me into your life of sports and friends and running free, nope ya left me and never said five words to me, right up to the day you moved out with your first wife and had kids. Did I know your wife and kids nope, did they know me nope, did you ever meet my first wife or my daughters face to face nope. So don’t blame me for the estrangement, or tell me I don’t like you ok.?  It’s all bullshit and I tire of it.I didn’t survive like I have with you, I did survive despite mom and you and being beat by Abraham too. Didn’t I, Keith, and I made good for myself, after all I went through. Where were you?

             When James McCurrach died, you came to his wake and embarrassed and humiliated me and yourself as well as our mother with your performance, but didn’t think twice about doing so did you? Why, Keith, your never even made one attempt to meet the man when he was alive, so why pull that one? Did I see you once in all the years you were in North Carolina and I in the Navy in Virginia for 12 years, less then 300 miles apart, nope you never made an effort then did you.?  Yet you came to court when I was falsely accused and convicted and spread the word I was a felon around, and I wasn’t, it was all over turned over lies. I appreciated you paying my way home when I was released and told you I would pay you back if you wanted, you said no.  When did I see you next Keith, you tell me that court procedure was way back after mom died in 1992, you called me in 2015 and wanted to come see me. worried about dying estranged from me, did I refuse you, nope, I let you come here and talk to me, and stay in my home as you did. Yet I guess that wasn’t enough right? I even gave you the truth when you started asking questions as far as I was told it by many. That’s what a sibling does Keith, he treats the other sibling with respect and the truth, and doesn’t hide anything. So please don’t ever send me stupid statements about I don’t like you, because I don’t know you and you just don’t understand it do you? How can I know you if you were never around for me to know you? Answer that!

        In closing, let me say this to you and the world, my parents as I grew up didn’t make me who I am, neither did my elder sibling. I used other families of my friends i met in schools as surrogates and made it work and they did too for my good.  I hid in other people’s homes Keith in High School days and after, so I didn’t have to go home and live in the devastation I saw as my own family. Abraham was a brute, a bully, and violent, Mom was lost in her own world and one mean bitch to all around her. You were never around Keith you escaped into your world of sports and sex and booze, you didn’t see or live through it all I did. You didn’t have to protect the younger two, April and Matthew from Alex like I did, battling him daily as he tried to bully them and beat them up and destroy his own parents too. Alex didn’t go bad on his own, he went bad to get revenge against Abraham and Mom too. So don’t feed me bullshit of I don’t like you ok!  Again I don’t know you, not really !  So if you want to read my stories, do so, if you don’t, don’t, I don’t care.    I don’t want any money from you, nor did I ask for any ever or from anyone else, I did my shit on my own, busting my back, and made it my way.   I may not be the best writer in the world, but I am the best me  I can be each day and I served and protected my country, not for 4 years or 6 years, but for a total of sixteen years and got injured on duty,I am proud of my service to my country. I am proud I went back to College and graduated at the top of my class, and received Awards and Honors, at 40 years old. I am proud I own my own home and have no more mortgage on it and I am proud I remarried and made it work. and I never said I disliked you, I said I don’t know you or understand you, because you were never around. Now I hope you understand me and what I am saying, and stop moaning and crying and grow up and face the facts, you choose your route not me. I hope this ends the question of dislike for you, I don’t understand you, that’s all. God Bless You !






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