The Rich Trump Picks and Problems

       The Trump Administration is taking shape with some of the richest people in america’s history folks ! Rich picks everywhere you go, and then medical insurance and coverage’s at risk, social security at risk and education costs also. sadly, the american people have screwed themselves and they don’t even realize it.

        Trump is not acting like an incoming President he is acting more like an incoming Dictator! He thinks he can get all his appointments approved easily and do as he pleases. Sadly because of the American people’s vote on November 8th, 2016, this country will begin it’s downward slide into a second class society and third world nation!

              Trump is toying with Mitt Romney and playing him for a fool! Any American with a mind knows what Romney said about Trump during the run to the Presidency,  do you really think Trump is the type of person to forgive and forget that way? Hell no folks he holds grudges forever.

               As he toys with  Romney and plays him as a fool to humiliate him, he is considering Sarah Palin for the Veterans Administration Director, damn is he out to screw America and it’s Veterans then. Sarah Palin know nothing of Military Life or Medical costs or procedures, is Trump sick or joking, cause if he is serious, he is screwing america’s veterans who gave all to serve and protect. Sadly those who lost limbs, and suffered PTSD serving their Country are about to take it up the ass, if Sarah Palin is approved or  allowed to run the VA.

             Sadly, Americans believed trumps promises and for the next fur years we shall have to live with his beliefs and plans and the results he puts forth, for his party rules in Congress now. It will more than likely take, about 16 to 20 years to recover from Trumps four year run as President, if he wins reelection in 2020 it will take more. The damage he is going  to cause America in Overseas Affairs alone will rocket us backwards toward a cold war with not only Russia, but the whole world. President Merkel of Germany will have his ass banned from the country if he pulls his sexist shit with her and so will many world leaders. Koreans are laughing at his election and looking for ways to screw america over already, sadly.  Unless the Electoral College, overturns his election by December 19th, 2016 we are stuck with him and done in world affairs. All I can say is America, America, God Shed his Grace on Thee, and we have to hope God will Protect us well, the next four years.



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