Cancer and The Battle for Patients

       Cancer, a nasty word in any language around the world. It kills at a steady pace, and it is slow and painful to die from it, as well as to be the one to watch someone die from it. No matter how you look at cancer, there seems to be no way to fully stop all of it it, it comes in many different kinds and changes to another when it is determined to get a life

           I know this because my father I didn’t know well was hit with cancer in 1984 and died from it, lung cancer, my mother died of lung cancer also in 1991, my step-father died of cancer in 1990.  I had lung cancer caught at a early stage in 2013, and my wife had first breast cancer in 2006 and now it has become bone cancer for her. I am surrounded by people dying from a deadly disease daily it seems. I have survived it so far, cause mine was caught at stage one, and I lost a lobe and 1/3 of my right lung to it and survived. The important thing is to know if it is in your family ancestry folks and to prepare for it mentally.

           My wife started with breast cancer and is now into bone cancer. We have been through one set of chemicals, and are now on a second set for her. Her energy level is .low, her legs are heavy and weak, her arms are weak and she sometimes can’t lift them, she sleeps far too much and eats like a mouse, even though I try to feed her all the time. The side effects of the chemicals she is taking, are worse at this point then the cancer I think. I think the chemicals are taking away the energy she needs to enjoy her final days on earth and I think at some point a decision must be made by her to lower the chemical intake and get some energy back so she can at least live some in her final days. What do you think folks, do you believe like i do, that the quality of life, is more important than the quantity of life for cancer patients, unless the pain and suffering is too much, then you allow them to terminate keeping them comfortable? Am I wrong in believing this folks or right, or is this determined on a person by person basis. I know this for myself, if I am to die of cancer, I would want to be kept as painless as possible till my end and I believe that is what all patients deserve, no matter who they be.

             The real question folks is this, Is it worth keeping people with cancer alive, if the pain they suffer is so bad they can’t do a damn thing worth living for? You Tell me folks, at what point is the chemicals, medications, tests, and scans no longer worth it and the patients rights violated by the Doctors?  Just because, one has Cancer and is dying when you are deemed and called terminally by the Doctors, doesn’t mean you are an experiment they can test their new drugs on ! Is It? Does it? You Tell me!





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