President Trump’s way,watch!

         Hello America, welcome to the Donald Trump years as President of the United States of America!

              Watch as Trump makes himself richer, his children richer and the middle class and lower poorer.  Watch as he gives the Billionaires more money and tax breaks and forgets the little people who voted for him in a worse situation then ever before. Watch as the roads never get fixed, the wall never gets built, and jobs never come back to America. watch as he alienates other countries ad leaders and isolates us from the world. Watch as he appoints people he has no business appointing as President, and does as he pleases because he believes he can. Keep watching America as your money goes south, and instead of getting factories back you get more skyscrapers and less to live on. Watch as he insults and angers, other leaders and the UN and so much more with stupid ideas, cause it is what he shall do. Trump deserves to be impeached even before he starts in my opinion, but time shall tell, I just hope Pence knows his possibility of becoming President is very high.

           As we go forward folks into 2017, and the Obama’s say goodbye to us all, remember the class they have, the style they had and the peace they kept us in. Remember the graciousness of Michele Obama and her great looks and kindness to all. Remember their full support of Hillary and why they did it, in fear of just what we got, Trump !

                 I will be close to 61 years old when Trump is sworn in on January 20th 2017. I have seen Presidents come and go many times over, from John f, Kennedy’s assassination till today, as Obama closes out his 8 years in service to us all. Never in our history has a man so unworthy of the Presidency ever been elected to the office as Trump is. I pray daily for Americans living on welfare, social security, medicare and food stamps and disability payments, for Trump will try to rip them out from under all under them, who earned them. if you or yours think you will have Social security when you reach your sixty’s or seventy’s, forget it, If you think Medicare or Medicaid will be there to help you in old age or illness forget it, Trump will kill it all.If you think Trump cares about the average American Citizen, you can forget that one for sure, Watch and see folks, watch and see!

         The American people got sucker punched when they voted for Trump, you will all see it begin in January once he is sworn in. he doesn’t care about education for the poor or middle class, he cares about it for his rich children though, so when you try to get loans to send them to school or college, and can’t get a penny, don’t say you were not warned, you all voted for him!

          My advise for all working Americans, middle class and lower is simple folks, pay off your mortgages, your credit cards and bills now! Save every penny you have now, and in the near future, prepare like Boy and Girl Scouts, and hang on, the ride is gonna be a rough one, especially with a man who is calling cheating in and fraud in an election he won!




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