Election- results/ Trumps Directions

         It seems to me, by Electing Trump President, the American people are about to learn just how the rich get richer in America! Trump is going to fix the tax rates in such a way as the poor and middle class pay more and the rich pay less, sadly, killing off the middle class and below, in at a quick rate. If the Middle Class and below have ever had a say in the economy of the United States, they won’t when Donald Trump is finished for sure.

        Also the hope of many Americans for health coverage and insurance will probably go down the drain also, as he works to dismantle and destroy Obama Care, tossing millions off of it, to recreate it.  I hope he stops long enough to figure out, what he is going to provide instead of it and installs it first.

         And what of Medicare and medicaid and Social security folks? Will Americans still have it? Or is it to die and not be there making all of us work till the day we die? You Tell me folks, you Voted Trump, not I !

       Do you really think Angela Merkel of Germany will put up with our President Trump talking down to her like he does to American Women, I think she will kick his ass the hell out of her country and go it alone without us. She doesn’t put up with the same shit American Women do, and neither do the women of so many countries. Go ahead Mr. trump touch the women of other countries as you do American women and see what they will do to you. They won’t care if you President, they will come after you, you fool!

        One more thing Mr. Trump, you promised to take care of the United States Veterans, who served and kept this country strong and defended our nation and others, you, I hope will keep your promises in this area, we Disabled veterans need a raise in our benefits so we can live our lives in peace. Will you give us a raise and treat us right and allow for death benefits for us too? We are watching and waiting Mr. Trump. your day is coming to lead show us how you will do it.

        In closing, whether you stole the election, or the Russians helped you win, or how ever it was done, remember this, Mr. Trump, no Nazi show allowed, no raising of hands or fists in Nazi like expressions. We the American People don’t want it here and you should condemn and destroy the whole organization and any offshoots of it too on American Soil. At no time should any organization of Neo Nazis, or Nazis of any type be allowed in America.  Remember this Mr. Trump we are all watching to see what happens and which way your taking us, don’t go the wrong way. We The American veterans are watching and believe you me, we can and will react.



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