Thanksgiving Day 2016, remember !

     Today is November 24th, 2016, Thanksgiving Day, we will gather most of us with family and friends and eat a hearty meal and laugh and joke and have a great time. we are all thankful for the homes and lives we have and the families we have too. For The Country we live in also. But, if you want to thank someone for what you have Americans, I suggest you thank the American Indians who were here first.  They lived in this land first, cultivated it, grew on it and hunted on it first and they preserved it for the rest of us. They were happy here first, they showed the white man how to grow corn and wheat and hunt and fish on this land. The American Indians are the forgotten people of America. Their heritage, and rights were stolen from them by white people, and they only stopped fighting when they realized there was no place they could go on this land mass we call home to hide and live as they wanted anymore. They conceded in their own way to us, and became a part of us slowly, yes they still exist folks. They should be the ones we should be thankful to, for they helped the white man settle on their land and survive to become the Americans we are. Never forget the American Indians, for without them there would be no America today!


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