MY Point of View and Request for Help!

          I like many millions of Americans did not vote for Donald Trump, for I believed fully in Hillary Clinton and still do. Yet I am being fair about the whole thing and admitting defeat, and moving on, many others should too. I watch CNN, and I get so tired of a couple of things I see happening in the american Political System and the news media.

        Each time and day I turn on CNN the news is just repeating itself and they re argue the same thing over and over. The repetition is boring and last far too long for many of us viewers. I appreciate the fact CNN is there, especially for important news from around the world and AMERICA, YET I TIRE OF THE REPEATING OF THE SAME DAMN SUBJECTS. Don’t you too folks?

          Lets discuss something else too, what about the White Supremacist Movement, saying it is backing Trump? trump disavows them, and tells them to stop, not once, not twice, but three or four times, yet CNN and other networks ask him to do more. He can’t folks, he has a Government and Cabinet to put together. Stop Asking him again, and again to repeat himself and saying he didn’t do enough to stop it all, he is doing all he can at this point!            OK, final say for today folks, I am not a great Writer by far, I will never be a Stephen King, LOuis Lamour, or Ernst Hemingway or Dan Brown, I am a short story teller and need to learn to lengthen my stories and may need help in doing so. But I do continue to try and have now for up to 62 little stories and attempts at them.

         I have changed a couple of them on Amazons’ Kindle E-Books o Free so some can read them and give me reviews and comments. Remember these are shorts folks not, full books. Please give them a try and leave me some comments on the stories and reviews:

     MY Authors Page and List of Books I did!




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