IS It Possible in America ?

         As Trump will begin his Presidency, on January 20th, 2017, I have one recommendation for all Americans, Save your money, and pay off your mortgages and bills as fast as you can. The results of the election will be bad for all middle class Americans and below, you can bet your ass on that one ! Trump is gonna lower taxes for his own purposes for the rich and elite and the middle class and below will be asked to pay more. He plans to do so many things that will cost so much the middle class will be the lower class and broke due to it in no time.

       As we get ready to head into the Holiday season in America, save money, eat right, exercise daily. Protect your family and relatives, and your state and country each day. treat others as you would like to be treated. If your religious, pray for our country, and yourself and family. For the next four years will be a mess under Donald Trump for sure ! .

       Today is November 19th, 2016, we are closing in on Thanksgiving 2016. As we do, remember to give thanks for the country you live in, the military that protects us and the children you have in that military. Remember to say Thanks for your health, home and peace you now have.  Once we have our big meals, and football games, and movies of whatever you do for the holiday we shall be heading into the Christmas Season extremely fast.  And as we do, I will be saving all the money I can for more than one reason. First and foremost, I know Trump is heading into office come January which depresses me, and the economy. Second I have a wife wit bone cancer and will need every penny I can muster to keep her with me and for treatments she may need and so much more. Medical costs are a killer for cancer patients and can kill them before the disease can. So the Doctors and Hospitals wil charge the prices they wish cause they know they have the patients by the balls so to say. Sad isn’t it?

      Thirdly, no middle class Americans with family with cancer can really afford to fight it, unless they save all they have, the expense is unbelievable, congress and Trump want to help, make treatment costs for cancer patients cheaper and affordable!. I don’t give a damn about mush in my life as a Retired Disabled Veteran, because I can go to a VA. Hospital and get treated and cared for, and have Uncle Sam bury me when I die. BUt I do like to live while i am here, so increase Medicaid, Medicare, social security and disability for us will ya, we all need to have enough money to survive and live in an economy that is eating us alive. Lower the price of medication and food too.

         Create the jobs you said you will Mr. Trump, don’t be bullshitting us ok? . Create innovation, production of products Americans can sell, and tax and tariff the bastards like China and Japan so we can get some profit for the country we live in and stop them from draining us.

             In Closing, I am now in my sixties, my wife is in her seventies and dying of cancer. All we want is the ability to live in peace, no more wars,and to enjoy what life we have left. Is it possible in America in the future, or will our own Government bite the hand that fed them for over 240 years, the middle class and below? You Tell me, Mr. Trump, Mr. Ryan, Mr, Pence and the rest of you !




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