The Cancer Fight Continues

         The Cancer fight is continuing in my wife’s case. Doctors in Connecticut have stated she is gonna die, and they can’t save her, except to extend her life with chemicals and chemo. So, we took her to Memorial Sloan Kettering and their cancer specialist yesterday. The trip turned into a day long one for us and believe me, no fun standing on NYC streets trying to hail a cab. But we did get there eventually, and talk to a specialist in the field, and get my wife examined by her.

     She explained my wife’s status to us after reviewing all her tests and paperwork, went over it in detail. She then made some recommendations on changing medication doses for my wife, such as a liquid she is taking and ending it and cutting the dosage for her affineitor in half. Thus slowing down my wife’s hyper-activity, from the liquid steroids.  Then she told us of a new dug to take, one  pill that can help to keep her alive for many more years. So that brought a smile to our faces, and make us happy, for my  wife is 76 yeas old and not ready to die or give up. The Doctors at both cancer centers told us she needs to exercise to keep going also. Told us exercise is good for the body the circulation of the blood and chemicals used to keep her going.

         We are very happy with our trip to Memorial Sloan Kettering and now have them sending the information to her Doctor at The Harold Lever Cancer Center in Waterbury, Connecticut here and will have them in touch with one another for consults. Time will tell, if the trip to NYC was worth the effort, because no one seems to know how fast, her bone cancer is spreading, nor do they seem to mention how long she may have left. I think they are avoiding telling us this, to make it easier on the family and her, yet, I can’t argue with  them on this point. we will continue to keep or hopes up.



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