The Cancer Fight

      Cancer comes in many different forms, and goes thru all the stages. So does the person, who has it, in many ways. We have the highs and lows of a person displayed in the battle against cancer by each individual.

            Depression sets in when one finds out they have cancer and in their mind they start counting their days left on the planet and with their families. It’s a natural reaction, to the word cancer and it’s attack on the person, we all tend to blame either our lifestyle or our body for failing us. Then we start thinking about, how long we have left, and how it can shorten our lives, things we need to get done and haven’t and things we need to straighten out with others that we have not. It drives one into depression, a sense of being helpless and so much more.

                 Then, a person comes back some when treated with drugs and their life is prolonged by doctors. They get to live longer, and are in less pain and come slightly out of depression to see the light once more. They begin to rush about, haphazardly, trying to get joy out of their time left and praying the second dose of rugs and treatments will keep them alive longer. Always avoiding the inevitable, that is coming their way and the people around them of course encourage them to live fully. Then there is facing what the Doctors say can happen when that second set of chemicals/ drugs wears off, so mentally they rush about trying to correct and do anything they haven’t gotten done yet. It’s a race against time and cancer that takes you to more Doctors, more possible choices, and in the end the patient finds out the first Doctors were correct and they are indeed dying. Cancer is not something that disappears, unless it is totally removed from the human body, and watched for carefully so it can be fought again when it does come back. Actually cancer is genetic in nature and is in your DNA they say, so if your parents or grandparents had it,there is a good possibility you will too.

          Then there is the realization of the final stages, when a Doctor informs you, that, the drugs you are on have failed the cancer is back and growing and active.  The Doctor warned you that the last defense is Chemo and you now face it and they put a port in you to main line the chemo into your blood stream. Determined to fight on and stay alive you go to the chemo and sit thru it each time for an hour or two with a loving partner by your side reading or watching a television and day time shows with you. Each time you get the chemo you feel awful, nausea overtakes you,and you get weaker for a period of time, then recover to a point and then back to the chemo. It becomes an endless cycle and you start to lose track of time to do things that are important to you, for the chemo sessions kill any time or energy you have left.

          At the same time family members, pressure you about Last Wills and Testaments, Living Wills, your wishes after you are gone, etc. Now more of you time that you are trying to save and stay alive for is lost to you. Each session of chemo draws more energy and time, the family pressures take more and your body weakens and starts to give out. In the end you run out of time and barely end up with enough time to say good-bye to loved ones cause you are in so much pain it is all you can think about. Then, one day or night, you can’t take it any more and nothing works for the pain, and suddenly your body give sout and your gone. Family now goes into depression and grieving as the process of your last wishes are taken care of and carried out. The end has finally come and your at peace and gone, but what is left behind. grieving husbands, wifes, children and family, to deal with losing you. It is the process of cancer victims folks, very few are lucky enough to survive for five to seven years thru all of this. Sadly, if you or some one you know has cancer, the reality is rough to face, and it must be gone thru. For all who survive these victims of this nasty disease, it breaks their hearts to see you go and see your suffering, just so you all know too. God Bless those who fight cancer, the patients, the Doctors and the family and Loved Ones, it is a hell of an experience for all involved, but fight on we all do, we have no other choice.


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