The Kennedy Assassination Anniversary!

         American history has always been one of the subjects I enjoyed and still do today in my sixties. I have read so many books on the history of this country, written by great Authors of all kinds, male, female black, white, and I have read different views. I believe, our history is colored by the perception of the time period it is in and the perception of the author or authors writing it.Recently we have had a Presidential election once more, and elected a new President, which is normal for our system of Government.

               I have lived through many elections in my day starting in 1960 and President Kennedy’s to Trumps this year, and seen them come and go. None disturbed me more than the first one. John F. Kennedy was a complicated man at the time of his election, who was played up as an American Hero for hid service in the war. While he did serve and save his own men to the best of his ability when his PT boat was rammed, it was not all of his story. His love life almost put him into jail more than once, and his playing around almost destroyed his life and marriage more than once.

                  The thing about Kennedy that bothered me most was not what he did when alive, but what really happened to him when he died.  His Assassination, is recorded by the Warren Commission as we all know, and have read or heard about, blaming it on one man, and the magic bullet theory. Well it is really all bullshit folks, believe me, the United States Government covered up many things involving it. Lets talk the single Assassin theory of Lee Harvey Oswald. Could a man who barely qualified in the Maine Corps make the shot he is said to have made? NO, he barely qualified, and too many things were in his way. The tree, the leaves, the angle, the rifle was a piece of shit, the scope was not properly attached, so many things raising his odds against having done it. What was he doing in Russia folks? And how many shots were really fired that day in Dallas, Texas? I have heard it all and read it all, three shots rang out, the official story, and Oswald shot them all, wrong.  There was actually four shots that day in Dallas, Texas in Dealy Plaza and the Assassination was a crossfire setup. Where did those shots come from, is always the answer or question I hear when I tell people this, well the answer is there if you look hard enough. 1) The Grassy Knoll, yes there was a shooter there, 2,A manhole under the car in the street was manned, there were pictures of the nest in books, 3) The building across the way was manned also. And yes Oswald in the Book depository, he fired too. He missed but he fired.

                 So now the big question comes who was really involved in Kennedy’s Assassination? Well, lets start with the obvious people already mentioned, the Cubans, nope, sorry they didn’t do it, the gunmen who fired at Kennedy and hit him were professionals not Cuban military at all. Besides Castro, is not stupid enough to have sent his people into a country to kill a President at the time, he was far too busy. So that eliminates one, possibility.

              The truth is Americans shot Kennedy, with help from our own government agencies.Why, some may say, well history shows what Kennedy was about to do in his own government, and how he got elected. Look closely folks and you shall see too. John F. Kennedy should have been court marshaled by the Navy not hailed a hero he disobeyed orders when he took that PT Boat into the waters it was rammed in! Why was he made a Hero, his father had political pull folks and money. His father Joe Kennedy saved his ass then and before then when he was laying a Russian female spy, and daddy found out and broke it up. It is recorded, just not played up. Kennedy was shot to stop him from dismantling the CIA, for his part in the Cuban Bay of Pigs and so much more. Power went to his head and his brothers too.

                  So who had the power to kill Kennedy and the guts too. The Mafia for one. They helped him get elected, they created him by having dead people vote in Chicago areas, they were paid by Joe Kennedy who made a deal with them. The deal was, Kennedy gets elected and The Mafia gets left alone to do their thing. But John didn’t follow through due to Bobby, and he attacked the hand that fed him. Names come up big time in it all, Johnny Rosselli, Santos Trafficanti, Sam Giacona, Carlo Marchello, all big time mafia bosses. Each had a reason to kill Kennedy and the men to do it and the connections to get the ones to do it. Kennedy was killed and it changed history in many ways and that is just what the mafia wanted. What they didn’t understand was the fascination the american people had with his killing and how they would not let it go. Sadly, they went on in their own ways under Lyndon Johnson, and he backed off of them allowing them free reign to do as they wished to a point. The Truth is Johnson knew and ignored it, and played up the Warren Commission Report as the Solution. He practically forced it down the american public’s throat. Knowing it was filled with lies and false facts.

             So as the anniversary of President Kennedy’s Assassination comes around once more, we need to look back at what happened and protect against it happening again in American History. If you think what I have said in this piece is wrong, stop and ask yourself one question, why did the American Government lock up and hide all the evidence? Why is it still locked up and blacked out in released information? Why isn’t it all an open book, that you can send for the release and get the answer from? And don’t give me the excuse that, it is under the secrets act and it protected to protect the american people, cause that is crap. 1963 is a long time ago now,53 years ago, so why isn’t it being released? What is there to fear in this case, of our murdered President, what is Uncle Sam afraid of, you tell me. Sad isn’t it? What is there to protect after 53 years?












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