Post Election Blues

         Post Election Blues is hitting America and there is no immediate solution for it at all. Thousands walk the streets of the country, protesting Trumps Election saying hes not their President to be!

          If he’s not your President to be then who’s is he? I know I voted for Hillary Clinton and did so because I didn’t trust Trump and what he said any further then I could throw him. Sadly, some Americans many voted for him and many Americans are now regretting it. The Presidential Election process has to change for sure, it seems that the Electoral Process is not always correct and it needs  a good reviewing and some changes applied. I am not one to pick the solution to this one, but, it is obvious many are not pleased.

            We as the american people are now forced to accept the results and like many others, I shall give the man a chance at the job he ran for, but, I doubt he can change anything he promised to, even with a full Republican Congress on his side. We shall see, but he is off to a poor start already is you ask me. Five days later he still has no Chief of Staff, he is in turmoil already picking cabinet members because not many want to serve in his party, and Administration so far.

                Next he is now trying to delay and postpone his date in court for the Trump University case, a case of which so many say he is guilty in. I can’t believe the American People elected a man who is a con man and  a pedophile to the Presidency, inconceivable ! But they did and the rest of the country that didn’t will have vote for him must suffer through the embarrassment of it all on the world stage.



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