Time to Accept facts and changes!

           Changes in America are vital and we do them daily. new inventions, new ways of completing things, new management tactics and skills, new factory skills needed and etc. Government changes after elections, bring worries and so much more, who will head what agency, who will be Chief of Staff, Secretary of State, Secretary of Defense, Secretary of Treasury , so many positions need to be filled when the Government changes parties. Sadly, not all Americans, got the President they wanted and that included me.  So as we await the Swearing in of our new President on January 20th of 2017, we will have to see what the new Administration and it’s leader Donald Trump brings.

             IN the end is it not these changes that advance America in the World and make us stronger, we shall see won’t we! I do not condemn the President Elect at all, I just hope he can keep certain things as is or improve others without forgetting the little people  and middle class! Time shall tell! As President Obama prepares to leave office and thinks of a civilian life once more, I want to wish him well also and his beautiful and talented wife and children. May their futures be bright and filled with love and warmness, and their health be long. God Bless The U.S.A. !


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