7 Days till Election/ Vote Hillary

7 days to go folks ! Listen now, here is the deal, I don’t give two flying ducks, whats in the stupid e-mails ! What I do care about is who will have their finger on the NUKE BUTTON, who will represent us in the world, and who can help the middle class and below with health care, social security, Medicaid, and medicare and keep us in peace.

Trump has treated women like shit, talked down to them, insulted them and more, so why would women even think of voting for him? Damn is I know! He’s on his fourth wife, so three divorces, he committed four bankruptcies and some people want to vote for this man, why? He has insulted Women, Mexicans, Hispanics, African Americans and so many more it is crazy. Here is one for you: Imagine Mr. trump going to Germany and talking down at and to Angela Merkel the way he does women here? My God, she would kick him out of her country and the germans would go after his ass!

Clinton did nothing wrong and Obama knew about her server too. Director Comey of the FBI opened this can of worms once more, under pressure from Trumps Campaign andTrump Money and Republican pressure. They know he would lose without it and want to give him a chance, don;t let it happen Vote Hillary.

A Vote for Trump is a vote to go back to the old ways on everything out there, don’t go there Americans, he insults everyone he can and you still vote for this man, what the hell is wrong with Americans?

Vote Hillary and hold your heads high as you grow in the world economy and she creates jobs, as we carry on and build factories once more. Watch as she changes Obama Care so it works for all, by evening costs, lowering prescriptions and working with the Medical Field in the USA and the people.  Watch as she leads our troops and keeps them out of harms way, yet gets the job done. The one thing Bush did wrong was allow the Taliban and Al Queda to escape, she will trap them by encirclement and wipe them out.Vote Hillary folks, for any other choice, will destroy America.

I care not what was in those e-mails, that Director Comey wants to investigate and go through. What I do care about is real leadership for  America, real knowledge and real steady hands running the country.  She has Knowlege, she has experience, she has temperament and she is good with all people. Those who believe otherwise are just scared of a woman becoming President, they need to wake the hell up. If a Woman can run households, hold a job and  raise children, and run businesses across this country, one can sure as hell  run, this nation. If women can handle a families bills and balance budgets at home, one can run the Government and slim it down as needed. Vote Hillary !

In The end you will be so much better off, than having Trump with an itchy trigger finger hanging over a NUKE BUTTON. Vote Hillary and all America and The world Wins.


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