Comey’s Letter and The Election Choices !

Today is October 30th, 2016, and it seems someone is out to affect the outcome of our Presidential Election on November 8th 2016, and trying to influence it in such a way that Donald Trump can win it all. Sadly, it seems in my eyes, as a disabled veteran and a citizen of this country, Director James Comey of the FBI had no grounds on which to reopen an investigation into these so called E-mails.  The matter was closed in June of 2016, and now 10 days before one of the most important Presidential Elections in United States history he breaks with procedures that say he shouldn’t open such an investigation within 60 days of an election? Why?he also went against the Justice Department in releasing his statement why again is the question?

If the information is on Huma Abendens Lap Top That Anthony Weiner used it is all crap anyway. Weiner has been proven to be a child molester and pervert of the worst kind sexting children. yet here we sit less then ten days from the Election and the FBI Director is holding the country hostage over this shit, come on now. How can anyone believe this shit!

Director Comey I ask this, is this information about these E-mails so vital to national interest and safety that you have a good enough reason to upend a Presidential election in this way? I think not, it has already been said by you, Mr. Director that Hillary Clinton did nothing illegal that she could be charged for so why pick this time to bring this up. Are you trying to influence and pull votes from the front runner of the Presidential Election for your own reasons?

If your interference in the Election influences the outcome Mr. Director and you change history by doing this and your wrong what will you do then?Can you imagine the consequences of what your doing, placing the United States in a position of endangerment?Can you honestly say you feel it is needed to do this and possibly change the outcome so Donald trump wins? If you do sir, than, you will have it on your conscience for the rest of your life.

Personally, Mr. Director Comey, I don’t give two shits what is in these e-mails, because there will be not there short of a nuke disaster that will change my vote come November 8th. In all honesty Sir, I will Vote Hillary  Clinton for President, because she is the only candidate worth voting for. Mr. Trump is a walking pervert and sex abuser in my opinion touching women he should not be touching. He has no experience and can’t even run his own companies, makes products overseas and sells them here, Has been through three divorces at least, 4 bankruptcies and he wants to run the country come on. he bad mouths women, African Americans, Hispanics, Mexicans and more, and he can still run for President get off it. he may be a Billionaire cause his daddy gave him 14 million and he lives a life with a silver spoon in his mouth, but he is not Presidential in  any way. No tax returns did he release during this election and in the final ten days now, he breaks out ten million in an attempt in my opinion top buy the election and the White House, its sad.

One More Question Director Comey for you, how much is Donald Trump paying you to bring out these charges and e-mails and to stop Hillary Clinton from becoming President?  Knowing you were warned by The Justice Department to not go there you still did, explain why? If  you can’t and don’t have a very good reason you should resign.


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