Election Day is Coming/ Then The Holidays

     November 8 th is closing in fast folks! We have seen all that we want to see from the two major candidates, now we must choose one to lean us for four years. I won’t say who to Vote for or try to persuade you, but I will say this, if you don’t vote don’t complain when it is over ! You had your chance to be heard, so take it and vote on November 8 th.

Second thing for this short blog. Been dealing with my wife’s breast cancer turned bone cancer now for a while. Doctor appointments, tests, and meds  all the time and the pain she suffers each day is getting worse. I just hope she will be able to stay with me longer, I love her do.

OK, last thing today for me and my blog: As we all know the Holiday Season is ramping up in malls and online and everywhere we look and we still haven’t even hit Thanksgiving, yet I understand the ploy they are using. But for me I can’t get into the Holiday Season feeling, not this early. Yet I do write and hope to sell my stories all the time and I did a Christmas Story for kids and adults alike, it is short, but nice and gets to the point. Please try it if you get a chance, it’s only .99 cents on Amazon’s Kindle E-books —-https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01K23IXOE I hope you can try it out and teach children in america and the world the real Importance Of Christmas without all the religious overtones, just family meanings.


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