OK October is here! Election Next in November!

              Time to face some facts, Mr. Trump you lost the first debate, ya will lose the next two also. Your Trump Foundation is illegal and collecting money illegally. Your three marriages and two divorces, are a laugh and your four bankruptcies are sad as hell. You ripped off enough small business owners, and talked trash about African Americans and Hispanics and women. What lies and prejudice/discrimination statements are left for you to do or use? Isn’t it time for the rest of the Republican Party, to abandon you like many have already  cause your outlandish and stupid statements on women and so much more?

           As a Disabled American Veteran who served my country for sixteen years and gave up a part of my life to defend my country, I can say this clear as day and loud enough for all to hear, America is already Great and will always be great, so back off Trump ! Even your Campaign Slogan Sucks cause it is another Lie. You can’t build a wall on the southern border either, Congress would never allow it, neither will Mexico! Sad stuff ya spit out I tell you. Your ideas are idiotic and stupid with no logic behind them at all. I do believe in Law and Order and Policing, but not your way.  America gives Equality to All Races, Creeds and Nationalities Mr. Trump, including your family too. Your father gave you Fourteen Million to start your life not one million.Sad lies you put out, what about your Foundation never filing correctly to be a charity? The money you took there where did it really go?You had to sell your Beauty Pageants, because you lost the backing because of your behavior around the women and no one would help you support the running of them.Sad indeed. You have no Military experience or ideas how to use the Military for anything, and No Mr. trump even I know you can’t use Nukes on everyone, what a joke.

                  As November 8th gets closer folks, we face the real fact of having to pick a President for the next four years at least. And before anyone says Hillary is responsible for all Obama did, nope she isn’t. Second there was never an Obama/ Clinton Administration, the Administration in power for the last 8 years was Obama/Biden.  Third Mrs. Clinton served as Secretary, not President or Vice President and she followed orders of her President.  She requested more security for Benghazi and Congress refused it, so don’t blame her for the four deaths there, blame Congress. I tire of people blaming Secretary Clinton for everything that went wrong under Obama’s Administration she only served four years as Secretary,end of the subject folks and Mr. Trump. Who made the decision that killed four in Benghazi, Congress folks, vote the lying lazy none working bastards out so Clinton can straighten things out as President OK.

                    Sadly Congress can’t even take steps to fix Flint, Michigan’s Water problems and clean it up, without battling each other to a dead stop, sad! In the meantime the people of Michigan have to use bottled water to eat, drink and wash themselves and their children and survive!. Talk about sad and humiliating huh? The Republicans want to kill Obama Care, and have no plan to replace it with or idea how to implement any change for it. Sad isn’t it, so if they do overrun Obama Care where do all the people on it go for coverage and how do those who couldn’t afford coverage go next?

                    No Republican mentions Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security and how to keep those going to help Americans, why is that? Ask Trump Folks before you vote for his stupid ass! He says he will defeat ISIS quickly, how Trump and how much will it cost Americans in lives and equipment?  What makes you think you know better than the American Generals, and the Obama Administration? You don’t, and your a big mouth with no answers, you should go back to Trump Tower and build buildings not try to be President your not qualified.

                        Ok, all of the above said, it is time to move forward! Together as one team is better and we are all Stronger Together folks ask the rest of the world what makes America Great, its the American people folks, nothing else, we can do anything together. Even bring back jobs by lowering cooperate taxes for businesses, and lower the cost for them to operate here and come home. We have innovation, technical knowledge, leadership in many industries right here at home we can develop. Including Clean Energy and much more. We can rebuild our own infrastructure if we tax the billionaires and millionaires the way they are supposed to be, otherwise if they pay their fair share and stop hiding. The Disabled Veterans gave their all to protect America and it’s people, don’t we owe them the same commitment they gave us as Americans. We can get our homeless off the streets and help the Veterans in pain and suffering too if these rich people pay their fair share. Lets get Hillary in Office and prove it folks, Vote Hillary Clinton on November 8 th, 2016!




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