IF I Die !

If I Die

        By: William M. McCurrach   


            If I die tomorrow and my life does end,

            Who would show at my funeral my friend?

            Would they come from my youth, the days when I ran free,

           A boy in the woods, enchanted you see?

           I doubt that they would even remember me!

         Would they come from my Elementary School days,

         Ah even if I wish to know some,

        I doubt it is what I say!


       Would they come from the days I roamed high school hall?,

       Carving and writing names on walls, long lost loves and

       Male friends, and all.

      I doubt it you see for I didn’t play ball!


        Would they come from my teenage years, when my hormones raged?

         And I had no fears?

         I doubt they would remember me after all these years!


         So if I die tomorrow who would come?

         To see a man who always had to run?

        Would my ex-wives show up, or my kids,

        I do not know, for I am a lone wolf and that is my soul.


       So as my blood pressure rages, and my nerves get blocked, my heart starts to clog and my life starts

       To Stop,   Tell me Lord who will be there to mourn me when I drop!


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