Cancer is a Killer! Try My Story !

IN Life we all run into things we have no idea how to handle because we haven’t  experienced them before. One of these things is cancer, it is like your own body is attacking you and slowly eating you up from the inside out. You at first only feel like you have body aches and pains that are normal, and you feel down and depressed and don’t know why. Then as it advances, it works on killing any resolve and energy you have to fight it because it is constant. How do I know these things, well three examples come to mind, #1) Bettidean #2) Melinda #3 Myself, yes I have become a cancer victim myself, in my 60s. Cancer doesn’t care if your white, black, Hispanic, Asian or anything else, skin color, nationality have no bearing it gets all of us at a greater rate these days than in the past. It is a disease that mutates cells in your body and makes your body get eaten up and destroyed by it. Sadly, the best defense you have is your own attitude on how you fight back, stay positive, do all the medical experts tell you to and pay attention to advances in medicine and medical treatments for it. I will show you how this affects many of us and how we survive longer than most who have it.

Bettidean  is a very old friend of mine, who was the first girl I ever kissed, and have an infatuation for. It was the 1970s, and we were in our teens, she was 17 I was 15 when I kissed her for the first real kiss I ever gave any girl. .BY the time Bettidean turned 18, She had Ovarian cancer and was battling for her life, She still to this day fights the dreaded disease, and lives on, with a spirit and attitude of , no way I am gonna let it beat me. She survived it, until now and last I knew she has out survived it thru two broken marriages and raising her two healthy boys. Attitude is what keeps her alive and determination to live and enjoy life.

Melinda is my second wife, a woman I will love forever. Ten years ago she was diagnosed  with breast cancer, and yes I took her through chemo and radiation and shaved her hair off and watched her survive it through attitude, determination and the link of our love for one another. I refused to let her give up, and she agreed with me as I sat there reading by her side and to her in the chemo room, the drugs flowing into her and  weakening her each step of the way. Once the Chemo and radiation was over I fed her, and helped her get about as she came back and grew her hair back and her strength. In 2016, January we took her back for a check up, and got hit with bad news again, her breast cancer had spread to her bones, and she is now a bone cancer victim stage 4, the doctor have her on new medications and shots and they are doing the best they can to hold it off, from taking her life. I watch her daily, fed her at suppertime and most of the day she is fine at 76 years old, but age is making her weaker in my opinion, but she would never say it or show it, attitude folks, she stays positive and so do I. Today it is September she is walking around on her own, eating and drinking although the cancer is located in her spine, ribs, shoulder, breastbone and more. She continues to move as much as she can. She sleeps when needed I gave up my lazyboy recliner so she can rest as needed and take naps. So she continues to hang on.

MYself, I am a walking disaster zone really, I suffer from PTSD from my childhood and service times. I have six herniated discs in my spine I deal with all the time and get treated for. I went to the Veterans Hospital for a check up and a cat scan in August of 2013. The results showed my spine messed up and I was also having trouble breathing and had spit up blood. The scan went further and they looked at my Lungs. On August 12th, 2013 I received a phone call from my Doctor at the Veterans Hospital, I have lung cancer they found a spot in my right lung. I was down to the hospital in two days seeing a surgeon for my cancer. Decision was made to take the cancer out which meant I would loose a lobe of my right lung. Surgery was done on September 4th 2013 and I lost a lobe and one third of my right lung to it.  By September 16th, of 2013 I was at Fenway Park Boston Mass. for the Red Sox Yankees game, my sister and her boyfriend provided us seats and  paid for the tickets.  I had survived Lung Cancer and every six months I go in for check-ups, my next tomorrow.  yet I am stubborn, hard headed and won’t surrender to it or anything else. As of today no recurrence has occurred so i am as well as I can be.

               Cancer is a Killer Folks We need to Fight it and find a Cure!

Attached is my lil Book, I called The Disease, It tells the story of a man dying and his decisions! I hope You Will Try it and Help A Disabled Veteran and his wife, both Cancer Patients get by! Thak You For reading My Blog !




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