September is HERE ! Election is Closer!

The Month of September arrives and the children go back to school, The Election of 2016 gets closer and weather conditions throughout the world worsen,  America’s economic status remains a problem for all Americans and decisions to change things are frozen by a non working congress. Sadly these are facts all Americans are facing each day, as jobs disappear, and we are given numbers on them by our government that do not include all american workers. Many have been left off the list of the unemployed because they stopped filing for unemployment checks. So lets face the Election and hope for a better future.

Clinton Vs. Trump is becoming a fiasco in many ways. Hillary avoids press conferences and tries not to change a thing on her platform to the public. She runs on her record as a First lady of Arkansas and the United States, and as a former Senator and Secretary of State. She bring knowledge, experience and liberal views to the race.

Trump is trying to upset the apple cart so to say, by entering this race, he did just that by beating out 16 other Republicans in the primaries. But his views are too far to the right and mean spirited and basically crazy. We don’t need a wall on our Southern Border, we have dealt with Mexicans crossing our borders forever, lets face that fact, ok. We are not at war with the Mexicans, so we can’t detain and deport 11 million illegal Mexicans in America and ship them back the cost would be atrocious to say the least. We are talking billions to do this shit he talks, plus he has no plan on creating jobs, improving the economy or on how to handle foreign  policy abroad. His meeting with the Mexican President proves this and if you check closely someone is lying. Guess who?

America has to make a choice for President on November 8th, 2016 and the clock is ticking away as is the calendar. So lets make the right choice folks, take the one with the experience, the vision and the plans that are concrete. One thing that many don’t seem to realize when they vote on November 8th, it will be a two for one election. We get Hillary and Bill. Bill is a great back up for Hillary for advice folks, look at his record in office, his employment numbers and economy numbers. Between Hillary and Bill this country will stay safe, secure and improve it’s job and economic outlook for sure. and who cares  if Bill drops his pants as First fellow so to say. I will put up with Bill’s sexual escapades and ignore them, to have Hillary as President and pushing America towards progress. We all have our opinions folks, but the bottom line is who can do what they are saying and get it done, Hillary is it.



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