READ THIS MR. Trump and ALL Americans!

      Read This Donald Trump;

The American Constitution reads All Men are Created Equal, when the Forefathers wrote the Document, they meant all men period and it includes women and children. You can’t discriminate against Hispanics, Mexicans, African Americans, the American Indians or any other race in America. You can’t round up and deport 11 million people, and break up their families and not know your breaking the document that found our country.

America has made many mistakes in it’s time as a country, one was importing people and making them into slaves and it should have never happened. We are all created equal for we all bleed, we all cry, laugh, get angry, and we all fight to survive.  We are all the same no matter what nationality, creed or blood line. Your parents, came here from overseas also Mr. Trump, if not them than certainly your grandparents, and if they didn’t you wouldn’t be here now. America accepts all immigrants period and we adjust once they are here and so do they it is an ongoing thing and you know this.

We have given people  a place to come to when they are not wanted or mistreated in their own country, and we have accepted them, because all deserve a chance at freedom and peace.  I agree some are here illegally from Mexico and other countries, but they are not all outlaws, thief’s and criminals as you say they are. Some are very hard working people who came here to escape persecution, or the poor areas they lived in. maybe they didnt know how to do so properly, and they need to go thru the process the correct way and would if people like you gave them a chance to do so. I remind you Mr. Trump the African American Population of the United states didn’t have a choice when they were brought here by boats, from their homes in Africa. And they have adopted our country as their own now and became American Citizens over centuries of hard work and our changing of our laws to accept and protect all. so back the hell off, Asshole !

To ALL Americans I say this, if Mr. trump becomes President you will set America back centuries in time. We can’t allow him to come out and talk like a damn Nazis and Demigod, picking what races or nationality he wants to allow in our country. We can’t allow him to speak with racist remarks and be elected our President, It would be a horrible option for us as a country and in the world.




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