78 days to go to Election Day!

         OK, it is now August 24th, 2016, we are now 78 days away from the Polls opening to pick our next President of The United States of America and more than likely a new Congress, due to the inaction of the current now  inactive republican one in office. For the past 8 years, and going back further Congress, both the House and Senate has stalemated the country and government from making any changes period, by blocking anything that makes sense from passing. It’s a sad condition in America, when two parties can’t get together and agree and cooperate on things needed or wanted by the people of the country. I have heard all the excuses, and reasons I want to hear, what i don’t want to hear is more excuses, lets change it folks, we the people can.

We need somethings big time folks, immediately. We need a Health Care Law for all that works and is affordable, what we have now is failing and needs repaired or replaced. We need manufacturing to be rebuilt and jobs created in america and a way to compete in the Global economy we now have. We can’t afford to be left behind in any area, that has to do with the economy Job creation must happen and soon or we can fall so far behind we can become very much like the failing third world countries. Sadly, Americans are too blinded by the bullshit being stated by the politicians who are voting for nothing. we need to vote out the old dawgs of Congress and bring in new hungry ones who want to do something and make a name for themselves. Otherwise the status quo is what we will have again. And if we settle for that, well, we can only blame ourselves, Election Day is our Day, lets do it right. Lets elect new people and make a change, or suffer forever if don’t.

            I support Hillary Rodham Clinton for President and I do so, on the basis of experience, knowledge and skills she has. I hope and pray you do too, for the alternative is Donald Trump, a pompous, no knowledge, blowhard who is for himself and his rich friends, wants to give the rich tax breaks, he wants to deport 11 million people with no plan to round them up or looking at the cost to do so. He wants to build a wall along the Mexican border, and that is not only wrong, but dangerous, for you can and most likely will make the Mexicans angry and upset with us. Wake up Mr. Trump it can be done, but definitely should not be, anymore then we would do it to Canada our friends to the North. You tell people Hillary Rodham  Clinton is crooked, yet have no proof of it, and you make big issues out of bullshit e-mails that mean nothing really to the American People, otherwise you are failing Mr. Trump, failing to impress your own .party officials, your fellow republicans or the american people. Your stand out as a joke to the American People and The world currently and your not smart enough to see it yourself. Sad.

 Mrs. Clinton has written plans and ideas on her website in many areas, and at least makes sense. Yes she has a trust issue that people push, but, the truth is it doesn’t matter in this race against Mr. Trump for he has the same issues and they basically cancel each other out. I will take her world experience over anything he has in his life as far as I am concerned. As of Today Mrs. Clinton had a 12 point advantage in the polls, I hope she wins by 20 points or more, she deserves it no matter what bullshit people want to say.Vote Hillary Rodham Clinton for President folks! 


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