Reading, Discipline,Old Days Vs New

The saddest thing I have seen today, in the new generation, no one reads anymore, everything is touch screen, digital, pads, lap tops, computers, even televisions. What happened to kids reading comic books, classic stories, mysteries and more?  Give a kid a book and it disappears to later be found, in the back of a draw, closet or in a trash bin. They have no patience at all for reading and that is sad. The world has produced so many great writers and stories and poems it is sad they get wasted and thrown away these days.Today’s generation is so different from when I grew up, we read books, comic books, newspapers and more, and when we didn’t have something good to read we played outside in the yards of America. we played 1,2,3 Red Light, War games, Tag, Shot Hoops, Played Football, Baseball and ran free exploring nature. Today if these kids can’t find it on the internet they don’t do it. Sad really, when I was kid we went to Carnivals, Fairs, We went fishing and had a ball, and swimming in the summers and sledding and skating in the winters. What happened folks where did, America go, at least the one I know!

I have hit 60 years old folks and I know I am no spring chicken, too many years doing things I had to do, like serving my country, in three different branches of service. Carrying M-60 Machine guns, calculating coordinates, steaming ships for the navy, fixing the boilers, climbing in and out of them, and standing watches for my country. Serving my country not for me, but for those I love and left behind, to keep them safe as I took the chances like many of us did, who volunteered in service. We did it for different reasons, but most will tell you, it was to protect America, and the people we love in it.I was a child who was born in 1956 and who really grew up in the 1960s and early 1970s, and my generation was taught respect for elders and manners and caring for others. We were taught you get what you give, and so we came to expect it and learned to love and live with it. Today’s children are not this way as I see it, but it is only my opinion, is it anyone elses?

Different generations for sure, we were disciplined and made to behave by a smack or spanking, some form of physical punishment, which they call abuse these days. Sadly, that type of discipline is needed still, just not overdone folks, we can’t all be Cosby Children raised by talk and expected to turn out just fine. It doesn’t happen that way folks and never will, because a child let loose to do anything he of she wishes will try everything, including violence, drugs, booze and more.Talk is cheap, action is vital!

What do I remember that taught character in children back then, Working side by side with a parent around the house, chores, made to take care of yourself and treat others with manners. Some of us went to churches some did not, but schools were stricter and didn’t allow the stupid shit they do today. Sadly the stricter routines are gone, discipline is lax and life changed to adjust to it.Ever stop and think, what if America went back to the old ways again, and taught as they did back then and raised children that way still? What a difference it would make today? I know some will be saying what kinda bullshit is it I am talking about, but others will understand and know what I mean exactly. Some of us do understand and miss the parents who brought us up the old way, for they made us what we are today. So Stop and Think about it folks!




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