To All Americans who believe this election is vital !

        Election 2016- I have heard too many bullshit remarks about the whole process it is getting crazy. Hillary’s e-mail fiasco, Trumps stupidity and attacks on his own party, and stupid statements regarding foreign affairs matters, and why he can’t use Nukes. come off it folks! Don’t you find these things crazy?

 He points to Hillary’s liars and her husbands political problems that have nothing to do with her. She at least points to his failures as a businessman and lack of knowledge period. The Man is lost in space and makes outrageous statements. regarding so many things, it is out of this world. he attacks women as pigs, and sexual items to be used and abused, he wants to stop Muslims from coming to America and attacks the Mexicans as criminals, rapists and drug dealers. He wants to build a wall between us and Mexico, that has never been needed before and is still not needed today, come off of it OK. I just don’t know what the hell he is thinking and neither does his own party that nominated him!  Since 1960, and the Election between JFK and Nixon, there has never been an election so horribly screwed up or embarrassing in this nations history. Has anyone else, nope just ask CNN, FOX, ABC,NBC, or CBS.  It is a sad commentary on American Politics for sure to say the least. And in the meantime our newscasters, all sit there and air all the bullshit between the candidates that makes us look like idiots in world affairs and our own political ones too. 

Don’t the national Television Networks see how they favor Trump on CNN, and pass by comments for anyone else. Or is Donald Trump paying CNN to cover him that way on a constant basis. Why?His Blurbs get covered, his mistakes get covered, his idiot statements get covered and he never says anything worthwhile and they still cover him daily, hours or days at a clip, why?

To All Americans who believe this election is vital and important to the future of  America and who believe in The American Constitution, Social security, Equality, Medicaid, Medicare, Healthcare, Women’s rights, Child Care, who want jobs, and schools for their children  and so much more, this should be your wake-up call right here. If you go to you can see her plans for action in all areas written out for all to see, you can’t see shit at Trump’s. Wake up, the man has no real plans for American in any area, he is espousing bullshit and cons. Don’t fall for it Americans! Do America a favor, derail the Trump Train as fast as you can, it’s a dangerous ride, he is unstable and a loose cannon!


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