Induct Jim Croce into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame !!!!

        1970 was a long time ago for me folks I am now, 60 years old and been married twice, have two daughters and 6 grandchildren in my life. My teenage years, were not filled with girlfriends, I was not a popular boyfriend for the female sex. I was not Mr. super Jock in High School nor was I a dominating figure, I was a guy who had few friends is all. I was too busy chasing dreams in many ways thru comic books and records, hoping to find myself was all as a person, a make then as a young man. many of us did the same back then, pulled between being a student, a babysitter and a worker around the home with dad. It was the way we grew up, I didn’t come from a rich family and I am not rich today. I grew up with a step-dad, and 4 siblings, one a girl, and a mother who was a hard ass and mean and should have never had kids in my opinion anyway. So, I grew up escaping and running from what i had at home.

I grew up hidden in a bedroom with a record player blaring  out sounds from some of the greatest. artists of 1950’s, 1960s and 1970s  and dreaming. Who did I listen to well, Motown, some rock, not much, country music and Jim Croce. Now with Jim Croce was Harry Chapman, Seals and Crofts and Gilbert and Sullivan and Simon and Garfunkel. Singer on the edge of rock, but not really rock, it was what I call folk/rock. Their songs told stories in clear voices and made people think about what they were saying as well as dance and sing. that is the world I grew up in, hiding from the real world protecting myself. 

As Croce disappeared due to his death and Harry Chapman too and Seals and Crofts split up, I grew up and survived listen to Croce and others like him on an old cassette recorder. His stories and music helped formed many Americans thoughts, hopes, fears and dreams and he never knew it before he died. Today, he is still heard in restaurants, clubs and online as that generation he affected so well, reaches back to remember him, enjoy his music and songs and still can sway in their seats to I Got a Name, Roller Derby Queen, You Don’t Mess Around with Jim, and so many great hits. 

The Rock and Roll Hall of  Fame in Cleveland, Ohio, should Induct Jim Croce and Harry Chapman, for their songs were bridges for many over the trouble times of home lives  and history that was rough in america. Their songs made us keep the american values, made us a more peaceful nation and populace and so did the Motown greats too.

Tell The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame to Induct Jim Croce who had a short life time,but a long list of songs he produced that affected all of us.


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