Don’t Vote Trump, what a mistake you will Make!

We have heard all the excuses, the supporters of Donald Trump have put forth, for his comments regarding women, African Americans, Hispanics,  Mexicans, His idea of building a wall between us and Mexico and frankly I tire of it all and the bullshit negative way he is running his campaign.

Make America Great Again, is a stupid slogan anyway, america is great and has always been, we are the greatest nation in the world, we have the military might, the economy that is growing and the leadership already that makes us great. We don’t need to make america great again, we need to fix what we see as wrong with it and make it work better. So Make America Great again is a false slogan! Trump is discriminating, prejudice, nasty and has no knowledge of economic or foreign policies. he doesn’t represent the people, he represents the rich period, you won’t get helped by Trump folks the middle class will be left behind and forgotten if he is elected.It will be a sad day in the world believe me. Other nations are watching folks, and this man and us, are being laughed at, by them. They know if America elects Donald Trump President, we will fall from being the greatest nation in the world to the status of a third world country so fast it will be crazy.

Please America wake up, realize, you are about to make a billionaire your president if you elect him, a game show host, who committed bankruptcy four times on casinos, who has been divorced three times, married four times and doesn’t give two shits about you or me as middle class citizens. It would be a sad day in america if there every becomes a President Donald Trump!



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