Wake Up America

Hello Sunday,

Seems to me, that not all Sundays are the same, some include Football, some family matters, others reading, writing and playing games. Others provide peace, quiet and sometimes loneliness. Life has it’s cycles folks of ups and downs, pains and pleasures, and in the end things we can’t measure.  It’s a daily trip thru time that includes only who you let in your daily time stream, so be careful you don’t let the wrong ones in.

The past week has brought murder and mayhem to america and it’s shores. Blacks wanting to kill whites, whites shooting blacks, people caught in crossfires and stupid shit America should not have in it.I don’t care if your white ( Caucasian), black (African American), Asian (Yellow), (Hispanic) brown, all of us want peace, freedom, the right to be ourselves, and we must remember respect goes two ways and so we also need open communication too. Whites fear Blacks, Blacks fear whites, Hispanics fear all and so do Asians, why, because we are raised that way.  The society we have in America today is one divided by racial lines and it is wrong. America is based on freedom of religion and laws set by the people for all the people not just a few. while I believe in freedom of religions, the right to worship as you please and what or who you please, I do not believe anyone should have anything forced upon them at all. The solution to the racial problems in America is easy really, learn to get along, understand one another and treat each other as you would like to be treated period.  You like to be respected, respect others than, you like to not be humiliated, or talked in in sarcasm, then don’t do it to others. You don’t like racial epitaphs and slurs and slanders, don’t go there yourself and use them. Sadly Americans of all colors, races and creeds forget these things and point at each other due to the things done not, how to stop it from being done. How do we get along and stop this shit, One word folks, COMMUNICATION!  Openly Communication and Listen To Each Other, Period.

What common ground do we have, easy folks we all want peace and to choose our own ways and religions. We all bleed red when our blood hits the air, we all cry, we all hunger, we all die too.  No matter your color, race or creed we all have emotions, feelings and pains, we have to deal with, try to deal with those in an adult way, use your heads, not your guns and weapons. Killing doesn’t work people, in a free society or world it only causes more pain, more hurt and spills more blood of innocents. sadly/ Wake up, Communicate, talk, Listen, and learn. We are not that different, the color of our skin maybe different shades, but inside we all have the same parts, hearts, emotions and the same blood. Lets grow up, put down the weapons, and live in peace and if you need help reach out and ask, I am sure someone will help you if you ask correctly.The sad part is, we hate one another so badly we don’t care what our response is as long as it is vengeful, and that is crap and only escalates things, so stop it.  I served three branches of service in my life, Army, Army National Guard and US Navy, and the color of ones skin means nothing to me, for I have backed a black man, and a black man has back me in service and in life. If we can do it in Military Life we can do it in everyday life in America too, on the civilian side. Wake the Hell up!




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