Dallas Shootings and what can happen!/ Hillary Investigation Again?

  There is great sadness, in my heart and soul this 8th day of July 2016. As shots are fired and Police Officers go down in Dallas, Texas over a Black Lives Matters Protest. Officers killed for what purpose, and where does all this anger come from? It’s sad and embarrassing and humiliating also for the American People, all of us, Caucasian, African American, Hispanics, and Asians that make up America. we are a mixture of people who form the greatest and most powerful nation in the world, yet we shoot each other over disagreements?  Sad indeed! We all breath the same air, drink the same water, want the same rights and abilities and respects, yet, we are stupid enough to kill one another if we don’t get them, very sad indeed. We all bleed red folks, we all die from gun shot wounds and diseases and accidents, but, to shoot one another as it is happening here in america is a shame and makes us all look so bad in the world we supposedly lead. I have never in my life hated anyone bad enough to pull a gun on them and kill them, why would anyone else in this country do so. I understand we have mentally ill people, we have PTSD suffers who served their country, but these are not the ones killing others. These are prejudiced, discriminating assholes who hate just to hate, it is sad as hell.  I pray they are caught and punished and we can communicate with each other no matter what race,color  or ethnicity we may be. Americans all over this country should come to understand one thing right now, you keep killing off each other, you set up a divide into which, a terrorist organization like ISIS, or Al Queda can slip into and take over our country as they did Iraq and Iran and Syria. we open ourselves to their rhetoric, and their ways of creating terror and destroying the world. That is sadder than hell!

The saddest thing after the above is this reopening of an investigation into Hillary’s E-mail controls or lack of them. Listen folks the Government and The Republicans have spent millions upon millions trying to take down Hillary over her E-mail processes she used as Secretary of State. The Attorney general said no charges should be brought, the FBI recommended no charges should be brought, yet the Fed is gonna investigate again, come on now!lets wake the hell up, ok! We can not and should not allow the Speaker of the House Paul Ryan and his Republican Party croonies to keep spending tax payers money on a failed objective that is unnecessary. There is no point to this Fed Investigation, especially since the FBI Directer said no charges and The Attorney General agreed with him. This is just a useless investigation to persecute Hillary Clinton and try to stop her momentum from building in her run for the Presidency. The republicans know their candidate Trump will fail in the fall to win the White House, and that he has no idea what the hell he is talking about. He has no policies for education, jobs, the economy,diplomacy, Defense, or anything else. Never once has he presents a comprehensive plan or idea in any area as of yet and we are in July of an election Year so come on. To continue to fo after Hillary Clinton over what has already been decided by the Attorney General and the FBI Directer is stupid and a waste of time and tax payers money and is just trying to make a distraction for their candidate Trump to try to get his act together, it will fail. Besides if ya want to talk e-mail usage and what is legal, lets start investigating how many Congressmen and Women and how many senators use private e-mail addresses and servers for official business communications that shouldn’t! Now that would be interesting wouldn’t it, it probably would include some big Republican names. so, lets get real, Mr. Speaker of The House, and Republicans and stop this bullshit and nonsense and move on with the election process and the people’s business.





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