Memorial Day,and It’s Reason to Be

As we all settle in for a long weekend of beaches, fun, laughter, grilling and picnics, we need to stop and think how we have such a Holiday and who is responsible for it all !

Across the world and here at home are men and women who serve and served in The Armed Forces of the United States, surviving with honor and serving all of us World Wide while we celebrate at home. Many are healthy, many have died or are injured and disabled folks, and they gave all for a country they and we love dearly. Don’t we owe them a moment of silence, a prayer and our thanks for the freedoms we have today and in the future? Hell yes we do!

When you go to the beach or picnic area or resort, or as your grilling and having fun, don;t you think you should say a prayer for those who gave their lives, health and welfare to keep us free and happy. I believe and and will do so just out of pure respect for their sacrifices. memorial Day is not all picnics, burgers, hot dogs and fun, it is to remember the individuals who gave their lives and health to keep us safe free and alive, world wide.



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