E-mails my Ass! Vote Hillary!

E-mails my Ass!  Hillary Rodham Clinton as Secretary of State for the United States did her job and did it well.

This E-mail bullshit problem is crap and should never affect her run for President! If Colin Powell did it and many other Secretaries of State leave Hillary the hell alone she was following their examples and procedures. In the end no secrets were revealed no problems were created and the country remains safe today as we have ever been.

Republicans are digging up bullshit on the Clintons to stop Hillary from winning the White House is all. But before you listen to their crap listen to this! Here is something to consider folks: William Jefferson Clinton is not running for President this time! he had his eight years in office and what he did, he did, not Hillary! Do you understand that folks, Bill did his shit not Hillary and she had to live with the embarrassment and humiliation he brought upon himself, her and the nation and still stand proud in the end. She did her part, .believe me. It wasn’t Hillary having sex with these women, it was Bill. yes she fought against the women trying to steal her husband while he was president what woman wouldn’t?  In the end she was protecting herself and her daughter too, so back the hell off folks.

White Water is a long done deal, that is over and long gone. It belongs in the history books and does not concern Hillary Rodham Clinton’s run for President and should not. Vince Foster committed suicide and it’s been proven and solved no murder took place and the Clinton”s  had nothing to do with it. So stop dredging up 25 year old bullshit and accusations folks.

I was a full time Independent for all my life until recently this year at 60 years old, I changed to a Democrat. My reasoning is simple I vote mostly Democrat anyway. I also doing want Trump as President this man is dangerous folks. His ideas on building a wall between us and Mexico is dumb and dangerous. His pan to deport millions over immigration problems sucks too and what kind of a person wants to ban a whole religion from the country, for the acts of some of them, no one would suggest that, he does.

Ask, Trump what his plan is to create jobs, to bring business back to US soil and employ us? Ask him how he will help educate American children and whats his plan is go  ahead! Ask him any serious question and his answer is because I say so, lol, thats not a plan or even an idea!

Hillary has documented proof of her plans for the future and how to get things done, she understands history, the government she wants to run, she has been, a wife, mother,grandmother now, a Senator also, a First Lady too. I don’t want to hear she is a woman she can’t be President that is crap. if a woman can have a child, and stand that pain. she can raise a child, negotiate with her husband on raising the child, feed, clothed, and take care of her husband and daughter, and run a household she can run a country. Any other country can have a woman leader and President why can’t America? because we have old fashioned ideas and views and values. if so we need to change them now.

Make yourself, your children and your country proud, Vote Hillary For President!


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