General Election is Beginning, Clinton Vs Trump/ My View

    June is almost upon us folks, The general election for President has begun. It is a race many people world wide will be watching, so many countries to see if Americans have enough common sense, intelligence and logic to pick the right person for the Highest Office in The United States of America. It is vital that we pick the right person here folks, otherwise we will no longer be the leader of the free world.

       We can not seriously elect Donald Trump as the President of America if we do folks we are idiots with no logic, common sense or intelligence. This man has no political experience period, no idea on the world’s problems or America’s either. We need a wall between us and Mexico like we need Russia to invade us, face it folks, it’s stupid.  We don’t need to ban Muslims either, what we need to do is be careful on which ones get in yes but ban a whole religion nope. My step-father was a Muslim whose family came here from Albania and he was a decent man who never forced his views on anyone else. He raised two children that were not even his to respect everyone else, not to steal or lie, and to work hard to earn your own way. No we don’t need to ban Muslims folks.

Trump has no plan for anything folks, I know your all angry about lack of jobs and problems with our economy, but he has no concrete solutions or plans for anything! If he did folks he would be outlining them to get elected, yet no solid solution except because I say so, has ever come out of his mouth. It’s sad that Americans think a man, who is not even really a employer of the people he claims or has the cash he claims as a Billionaire wants to be President. he changes his views and will say anything he can to get elected folks.

  On The other hand we have Hillary Rodham Clinton She has served as a First lady of Arkansas, A First Lady of the Country, a Speaker, a Secretary of State is up and educated on current affairs in the world.She has been there folks, and an added plus in my book is she will have an experienced President to back her up if needed. Check her plans on her web sites folks, she has concrete plans in all areas of the economy, world wide problems and so much more and she make sense and is logical. Wake up folks, do you pass up someone experienced for someone who talks garbage and makes no sense at all. Hillary knows health care she invented it, she knows world leaders and has dealt with them. She can do more to create jobs in America than Trump can ever imaging and she will work to do so, by lowering corporate taxes for companies, and making it easier to run a business here. It is sad few understand the full battle this election presents, so I will remind you all here and now, for the past 8 years a democratic President has had to fight tooth and nail with a republican congress that does not a god damn thing for anyone but themselves. They just dipped into the social security funds again for a 1.5 billion dollar loan, and they never replace what they take either. In the meantime they are telling us social security will disappear by 2050, why? Because they are borrowing from it and never replacing it is why!

           The republicans have held Congress as this country has sat still in the world economy and health care and political power for the past 8 years, they have done nothing. Isn’t it time to stop talking about building a wall, and start talking about helping Americans by creating jobs, enforcing and improving Health care for all, and rebuilding the Military again. We need Hillary and I am tired of the bullshit of a woman can’t do the job, Merkel can and so many other women it is time in America too! Lets elect Hillary Rodham Clinton as our first Female President and make America stronger, safer and healthier as well as able to employ our own once more!


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