May 3rd, 2016- To Bernie Sanders- Primary Day

The Time has come Bernie Sanders and his followers, for you to step aside and back Hillary for President. Any further statements against Hillary, her candidacy or personal problems will just give Trump ammo for the General Election in November of 2016.

If you want a Democrat in the White House then back Hillary and stop the attacks on her now, and join forces with her.  Tell your followers and supporters to go to her and put her over the top for the nomination and lets stop Donald Trump now before he gets out of control.

Hillary have a sit down with Bernie Sanders, give him say in the Platform for the party, and let him be heard also. A compromise would help a lot toward a victory in November of 2016. No matter what differences between Hillary and Bernie there may be, they are indeed minor compared to the differences with The Republicans and Trump. If the Donald gets in folks we face more wars, race riots, and stupid changes to our country we can’t afford at this time or date or anytime actually. Wake up Bernie Sanders please, you have run a great race and have a lot to be proud of, but it is time to realize you won’t get the nomination, join forces, negotiate your say in the Platform and lets beat Trump’s ass and keep the White House in Democratic control. This is my message to Bernie Sanders and how I feel about it today prior to the results from Indiana’s ‘s primary today May 3rd, 2016. Please don’t feed trumps ammo pouch anymore with info on Hillary and destroy the chance for us Democrats to keep the White House. It’s time to Unite and Back Hillary, Bernie if not for her sake or the democratic party, then do it for America The Home of the Brave!

A Concerned Citizen and a Democrat



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