April 26th, 2016 and it’s Importance! Vote Hillary !!!!!

The primaries come east to us in Connecticut on the 26th. We must make choices as citizens as to what we want our future to look like in the future for our children and the world. We must make the right choice in the both primaries, on each side of the debate here. In the end what we as a state and the east coast as a population center choose is vital.

  On the Democratic side the choice must be Hillary Rodham Clinton for Bernie Sanders vision for America is not realistic.

On The Republican side I am sure the country will choose Trump although, I think it is a big mistake. But it is my choice not to vote for Trump  ever. Any person who talks about the races, women, and more the way he does is not presidential material in my opinion.  Think before you vote folks not only of the present but of the future you will leave behind for your children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. Do you want a world where America is part of it, or one where we become isolated and separated because we can’t convince others to go our way. The Only way america stays strong is by compromising, negotiating, and holding the round we have fought to keep and maintain. Don’t allow someone who will divide and separate us over our sex, color, race or background in the White House.

 When the Primaries end soon it will be a Clinton vs Trump Contest, think of experience, knowledge, answers that work and a world opinion on how to keep us a part of the world and the leader in all areas not just military might. Vote Hillary Rodham Clinton and know you are putting the country in good hands for the next four years!


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